Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Monday

I caught Amber's cold & I think Paul did too. If she has felt half as bad as I do now, I'm surprised by how happy & content she's been most of the time! I feel rather miserable & it seems like it shouldn't be that bad. It's just congestion, no fever, though now it's the sore throat & lack of appetite that can come from all the drainage too. Bleh. That, and Amber slept all night, about 9hrs actually, so I feel like I shouldn't be so groggy.

I don't want to miss more work. I already missed a day in my first week & still had to pay for the full week of daycare. I really wish they didn't do that. That's why people bring their sick kids in. We can't afford to pay the "tuition" AND miss work!

I hope my accesses & stuff at work are all working as they ought to. It's been so annoying. Friday, they had my e-mail working (though I lost all my archived items, contact lists, etc) and the shared network drive with all the DSS (Disability Support Services) stuff was there, but I got denied if I tried to open the folder inside it. When I first went back, my personal network drive had been wiped too, but that was the first thing they restored. :) I just hope the shared drive works. I can hardly do anything without it & constantly have to have my co-workers logging in for me.

Sorry for the whiny post. I hate being sick! I was doing so good too!

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