Friday, March 19, 2010

Should be sleeping...

My hubby's down in the basement roleplaying w/friends. My snot-nosed kid is asleep in her swing & I've been reading blogs & not going to sleep like I ought to.
I'm really glad my mom came up to watch the baby so I could work. I'm also glad Amber (my daughter... I just decided I'm going to simplify & use names!)didn't get any worse, other than she kinda puked on me tonight, but I always get nauseous when I've had a lot of drainage, so that doesn't surprise me.
I actually got ready pretty quick this morning & even got some crafting done waiting for my mom, but there were a few other prep things I could have been doing. I took her to the daycare to show her the pick-up procedure & pay our bill (ouch) and then went to work & let her drive my car & kid back home.
Even with how early I got ready, all that took so much time that it was still after 10 when I got in to work! So, I didn't write down for myself when I left for lunch & I can't remember for sure, but I think I took about an hour between eating & then pumping milk. So, I only worked 5-6hrs, but still more than I could have with Amber at the daycare. Paul (my hubby) picked me up after he got off work.
I was kinda surprised, I finished the project my co-worker gave me to do, which she wasn't sure if I'd even get half-way done with it! I didn't do much else, but I still feel pretty good about exceeding her expectations. :)
i work in disability support services at a community college. My position has me working with a new program for adults with intellectual disabilities, but since I came back from my unpaid maternity leave I've been working in the regular offices to help them get caught up on some things before I can go back to the specialized classes where I'm usually the classroom assistant.
My project today was "zoning" text from a textbook someone else had already scanned into the computer. This is one of many steps to get the textbook transcribed into Braille for one of our visually impaired students. "Zoning" allows the ABBYY program to read the text so it can be reformatted into a Word document. Someone will still have to go back and correct all the mistakes. Like if it read part of a picture as text, and, since the book is statistics and the reading program has a hard time with mathematical symbols, they'll have a lot of those to correct. Then it all has to be converted to Braille, printed & bound.
Tomorrow we're going down to my hometown (just an hour away) to see my sister's last school play. She's not in it, she's a stage manager or something, but it's Little Shop of Horrors. :) I'm going to take my maternity clothes down so Andi (my best friend) can try them on & use what she wants to. She's about 6 months along with #2. Her son will turn three this summer. She's expecting a girl, so we're really excited about our girls being so close in age. She came up to visit during my last week off of work and we went shopping. her son got in some big brother practice with Amber & made his mommy proud! :)

Alright... I should have gone to bed over two hours ago. Goodnight all!

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