Friday, March 19, 2010

Long Friday

Well, having the day off yesterday was kinda nice. I did get a fair amount of crafting done. My daughter's temp went up a little, highest I measured was 100F & her normal tends to run a bit high. Poor kid's so congested though! :( She's learning to despise the nose sucker & kleenexes.
She has always tended to spit pacifiers out & to prefer the cylindrical ones over the orthodontic ones, but last night she definitely was making a game of spitting out the orthodontic one. She kept spitting it out so it'd fly & then she'd giggle & flash that big gummy grin! Daddy & I played this way with her for a while & teased like we wouldn't give it to her, which ended up not being very conducive to bedtime. I got to bed a little over an hour later than I usually do. She slept for about seven hours & I just now fed her & she fell back asleep.
I know I'm lucky she sleeps so well, I'm very grateful, but I've also already gotten used to it, so when she sleeps like a more typical 2-3 month old, it throws me off more than it did when she was a newborn and doing it every night.
She's awake again & such a wiggle-bug! Love those smiles. :) Just needed a binky.
Well, my mom's coming up to watch her today so I can go to work & make up some of my hours. Two downfalls - we're paying for the full week of day care anyway & have to go in & pay our first bill today, and the offices close early on Fridays, so I won't be able to make up all my hours.
I hope she manages to stay healthier after this! I know it's not likely in daycare, but we can't afford to keep paying the full week & not using it, but I also don't want to perpetuate the germ sharing.
I just checked my work e-mail & it's back up & running, but all my old e-mails, contact lists, etc. are gone. Hopefully, that means my other computer accesses have been restored as well though.
Tonight, like most Friday nights or sometimes Saturdays, my husband & friends will be getting together to do some role playing. I've been thinking I should try to make my crafting get-togethers coincide with roleplaying. I wish the guys (& one female friend) would be a little more consistent or at least not change their plans at the last minute as much as they have been.
I don't like the Friday night games either, because they don't get started until around 7 usually & they stay up until at least midnight. A lot of them are on a completely different schedule & we're the only one with a kid, only a couple of them are married & both spouses from one of the couples play.

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