Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Today actually is an anniversary for m hubby & I, it's the 4th anniversary of the day I proposed to him. :)
We had dated from his last week of college until sometime the next spring when I went to Europe. I had met this other guy at college before I left & started dating him. He proposed to me at the beginning of the next school year. That relationship ended on Easter Sunday of '05, my senior year of college. I started visiting my now husband and we started dating again on my birthday (Aug 27th) and by Valentine's day of '06 I knew he was really the one and bought him a ring.
It had to be shipped. I don't remember what the date was when I received it. I was failing my one semester of grad school at the time and had a big test that day (though it was in the one class I did ace) and I had the little yellow slip from the post office saying I had a parcel to pick up. I am amazed at how well I did on that test b/c I was all butterflies & could hardly focus with that little slip of paper under my notes! When I got the ring I hid it and started planning my proposal. I had originally thought to wait until his birthday in mid-April, but I was going crazy waiting.
I am a quarter Irish & love the color green & St. Patrick's day. One of the receptionists at school suggested I do it on St. Patty's day. Well, I decided to include our friends, and St. Pat's day was a weekday that year, so I had my "St. Pat's day" party the next day.
My hubby helped me set up for the party. I was so nervous my tummy was getting upset. He was confused, it wasn't like to me get that worked up about a party with these friends, but he didn't think too much on it. We both get tummy troubles easily.
Our friends came over, once everyone was pretty much there & settled, I pulled him away from the couch (there was a coffee table in front of it) and into another chair & said my little prepared speech, got down on one knee with the ring held out & asked "Will you marry me?" Even though we'd been discussing it & I knew the answer, it seemed like an eternity before he said "yes!" The video shows that it wasn't that long. :P

Yesterday was a decent day. Amber & I were all dressed in green, my socks & her bib said "Kiss me I'm Irish" and our carseat is even green!
I did have a hard time focusing at work & for quite a while I was the only one in the disability support area, so I had to stay in case someone needed help. I accomplished almost nothing in the last half of my work day. My appetite was waning too. I felt a little emotionally off. I don't know if it's just a delayed reaction to going back & putting my daughter in daycare or general post-birth/nursing hormone craziness or maybe something's off with my antidepressants, but I definitely was not at 100%. My computer access is limited. I was gone long enough that I'm no longer in the system & have to push the paperwork through to get it all back. With everybody else gone, I was stuck unable to do much. My boss had logged me in as her so I could, but the video I was supposed to be working on wouldn't play (needed to restart the computer, couldn't do that b/c I couldn't log in as her again... couldn't e-mail the video b/c it was too big, etc) so I just kept e-mailing my hubby, taking short walks, trying to work on other things & just plain zoning out.

Now I'm not even sure if I'm going to make it to work because my daughter has been all snotty. She sounds like an old man snoring. She doesn't feel feverish & she slept alright, but she definitely seems to be fighting some sort of bug... Three days in daycare & already she's sick! Ugh!


  1. Oh! & I got my Spring Swaperoo partner's info this morning & the deadline for delivery has been extended... good thing! I'm excited, now I have some more ideas! :)

  2. I decided to stay home w/my snotty baby... Three days, seriously!