Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to Work

Today's the big day! I go back to work, my daughter starts daycare & my husband starts his new position at work.

I don't think I mentioned his promotion before. I'm really proud of him. :) His degree is in chemistry, but he ended up working in the bank portion of one of the biggest insurance companies. Their headquarters are here in town. He started out with a temp agency job which he started right about the time my dad died. All the stuff we went through with settling my dad's 2nd divorce(that's a long story & yes, typically you don't have to settle a divorce posthumously, it's like it never happened & she's surviving spouse, but they bifurcated the divorce and were already legally divorced, but had yet to settle the finances.) and settling his estate gave him knowledge and experience in an area of the bank that needed a new employee; the decedent area. The way he helped me handle the complicated nature of my dad's estate showed his supervisor that he could handle the pressure and complicated issues, so he was moved. After a year ans a half total, he got hired on directly and moved over to the trust area. It's been almost another year and a half and he's gotten two raises and then his supervisor alerted him to a new position opening up. His super was also one of the interviewers. He got one of the two available positions and is already taking charge. He's working a sort of quality control now. In the specific area/track he's on now there's one more level up and he's feeling motivated now. :)

Of course, the new job also means stress, my going back to work is stressful, the baby in daycare is stressful... the fact that we'll all be gone might stress the cats out and one of them hasn't handled stress well in the past (and/or she's allergic to everything, she's on hypoallergenic food) and she tends to puke. Hopefully, since they normally sleep most of the hours I'll be gone anyways (I'm just part-time) they won't really notice & won't start getting sick again!

Like so many other moms, I'm nervous and sad about putting my kid in daycare, especially knowing that (especially with my hubby's new job) I could be a stay-at-home mom. I love my job though! I WANT to go back!
I still feel bad about putting her in daycare though. She won't be far, just down the street from where I work, but still. It's more the fact that they're strangers, professional or no, and there's all those other kids & as clean as they keep things, it's still a big germ-swap. I also hate the thought of missing milestones. She's already starting to rock towards her side, it won't be too long before she's rolling over!

I've probably rambled enough. I'll come back another time & tell you about my job & how I ended up there, more about being a mom and some of the arts & crafty stuff I've been doing.
I can't wait, my spring craft swap is tomorrow! I think, maybe that's the deadline... I either get my person's info tomorrow or Wednesday. I can't wait! I already have a few things in mind. :)


  1. Hi Monica!! I didn't see your email address and didn't know how else to contact you... Just wondering if you'd like to join Swaperoos and participate in the Spring Swap. I'm handing out partner assignments tomorrow, so just let me know what you've decided and I can include you if you'd like me to.

  2. I do, I did. The frau_innis e-mails are me & you've responded, so I'm guessing I'm good. Can't wait!