Friday, January 27, 2012

More bracelets & house progress

Not the greatest picture I've taken, but I wanted to show both the bracelets & the other charms (as well as the fancy clasp & some of the beads)that I made/got for breast cancer awareness bracelets. Ok, that sentence totally didn't work, but I think you know what I mean & I don't feel like fixing it! :P

I thought it was neat the way the charm on the far right matched the fancy magnetic clasp I already had (further right/top) & I plan to use the little crystal beads with both of those, but I've already tried two designs & don't like them, so we'll see what I can come up with...

As for my project clean house: I haven't really accomplished any of my stated goals. I did move some of the kid-friendly craft supplies to my daughter's closet & cleaned up my old easel (omigosh was it dirty!) & put it in her room. She had fun coloring on it. It has a chalkboard surface & then is set up for a roll of paper to be on top. Unfortunately I showed my two-year-old how to color on the chalkboard with chalk & then how to color on the paper with crayons... so, of course, she keeps trying to color on the chalkboard with the crayons! >_< Oh well, the chalkboard already has paint & tape on it! Our neighbor said she's going to give us her son's little drawing table that comes with two stools & has a two-sided dry-erase top that comes off to reveal a little storage caddy so she has room for a new train table for him. :) We have a drawing table we got at a garage sale, but it's missing things & is quite colored on. It's in our dining room. I think I'll see if the new one will fit in her room, but I still think we'll get rid of the old one.

Enjoying her "new" easel!

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