Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year's Resolution

What's your New Year's Resolution? Have you stuck to it, now that the first month is nearing it's end? Mine is two-fold: Resume Operation Clean House & improve upon my business & the Etsy Team I'm captain of.

So far, I've found three books on organizing & simplifying that I downloaded for free! One I've been working through (& am really liking it) focuses on cleaning out a messy house (what I need) even if it's the house of a hoarder (I'm not quite that bad, but do have some of the tendencies) and then reorganizing & developing systems to keep it that way!
The next one I got focuses on organizing the whole family & your time... it doesn't apply to me as much since it focuses more on a family with school-aged children.
The third one focuses on simplifying your life: stuff & time. I'm liking it, too, but the first one has really spoken to me.

With the aid of the books & my counselor, I've made a plan for cleaning & reorganizing the whole house, top to bottom! I've started with small goals & plan to build upon my successes. I gave myself weekly goals and daily goals. I'm ahead of schedule with the weekly goals, but have been quite negligent of the daily goals. The weekly goals are from the big plan & involve really sorting through things & weeding out what I don't need any more. The daily goals are general cleaning around the house.
With the weekly goals I've already accomplished cleaning out the catch-all basket in the kitchen. Now it only has the cat's leashes & coupons that hadn't expired as of the Saturday I cleaned it out.
I sorted out my daughter's outgrown clothes & packed them up for storage. We're keeping pretty much everything right now b/c we plan to have more kids. If number two is a girl, we'll have all this stuff to re-use. If we have a boy, then we'll probably start selling the girly stuff. I'm pretty proud of myself in that I've sorted all these clothes out by gender & sizes & they're all folded neatly & such! :)
I reorganized my linen closet. That was pretty easy; I just picked some of the old bedding to put in our garage sale, moved things around a bit & made room for my place-mats & cloth napkins.
I sorted through some of the stuff that had collected on the landing at the foot of our stairs. This included a major victory! I found my necklace that my husband had gotten me for my first Mother's Day! It had been missing for over a year (you see how bad I am about going through this stuff??) and I thought it had been stolen & was gone forever! I still have another laundry basket of random stuff I need to sort through from this, but I moved it up to our bedroom. Now, all that's on the stairs is/are the diaper bag, balloons left over from her B-day party (I need to get rid of those, too, but we just can't bring ourselves to pop them!), and the laundry basket I use to throw dirty towels, washcloths & bibs in.
Today I cleared out my daughter's closet. It seems pretty empty now, but I plan to take all the kid-friendly craft supplies from my craft room in the basement & store them in here. I'm a little wary of this, since she can open the closet... but we'll see. Most of the stuff I took out of the closet is in the hall right now. I needed a break before moving it all. Not sure where all of it is going to go even.
Next on my list, after those things is cleaning out my purse! At my mom's group last Friday we played a little game where we got points for different things we had in our purses/diaper bags & I almost "won" the messy purse contest! I would have won handily if I'd have actually been able to count the crayons in the diaper bag, but it was in the nursery with my daughter. :P

I did NOT expect to write this much!! Kudos for reading this far!
So, since this blog is kinda supposed to be more for my business.... my other accomplishments towards my Resolutions were to list six new items on Etsy & I sold two of them (one of those was a custom order.) I also finished another custom order that I'll deliver on Friday (since it's for the daughter of another mom in my group.) As for the team... well, I've continued to maintain it & accept new members & add them to the yahoo group, but I haven't actually done much else yet. That's still on my list. ;)

Here are the new items that are still available:

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