Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back to it

But not really... I am REALLY struggling for motivation this week! I'm not feeling very well & keep excusing myself from chores because of it. It's almost worse being conscious of it, because now I feel like I should be trying harder to just get my but tin gear & do something... and I should! *sigh*
I'm just not sure what to work on. I have a number of little things I've been putting off & about as big of a number of big things as well.
In other news, Amber's fighting her nap... It's almost two & these days she usually naps longer than an hour & I have an appointment at 3. I'm not sure if it's worth shortening nap time over or if I should just reschedule. (Chiropractor)Guh.
I have been getting up & pacing a bit... trying to think of something to do & mainly just trying to not be completely sedentary. I've been gaining weight since I quit my birth control a few months ago & I'm not sure what exactly is causing it. I gained weight before I got pregnant with Amber, too. I didn't attribute it then as having anything to do with my going off birth control, but since the same thing is happening under that same circumstance, I can't help but think there's a correlation. It's odd though, most women gain weight while on birth control. *Shrug* It ended up working out though b/c I had bad morning sickness the entire first half of my pregnancy with her & I lost all the extra weight & then-some without harming her any.

Took a break & went & got Amber, she indicated that she was hungry, so I gave her her leftovers from lunch & let her work on them. I called the chiro office & got my appt pushed back to 4:30. Hubby should be home by then. He wants to mow tonight, but hopefully he'll watch her so I don't have to take her.

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