Saturday, April 28, 2012

To-do today/Saturday

Help Doug
Take meds
Feed the snake
Take a shower
Start my laundry
Finish washing the windows I started yesterday
Wash the inside between the windows in the dining room
Dust the blinds(on the main floor)
Cycle laundry
Hang the curtains I washed yesterday
Wash the other curtains from the main floor
Wash the other main floor windows
Complete laundry
Pick up toys
Visit with my sister
Go bowling w/cousin for her fiance's B-day.

What's I've done so far: The first three things on the list & fiddled around on the internet a bunch. Hubby took out the recycling & wen to Menards to get stuff to fix our powder room toilet & the TP holder. Now he's taking his break while kiddo's napping. :)

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