Monday, April 23, 2012

Hubby's B-day Weekend

To celebrate Paul's birthday, his bro, my mom & I got him tickets to the Mythbuster's exhibit at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. His parents took Amber for the day & overnight. We both missed her, but it was so much easier to do things & not have to worry about her! Our friend Dave & his fiance Jenn came along. Our neighbors happened to go to the museum the same day, but we just missed each other. It was a pretty fun day. :)
Sunday, Paul's parents brought amber to the hotel to go swimming. She was scared & didn't stay very long, but that was ok. We didn't have a ton of time. We went out for lunch & then visited w/the in-laws a bit & got Amber's stuff packed up. We stopped by my good friend's house & visited w/her & her cats (her hubby was at work) & she made us a yummy beef stew. After we got back home, I did the coupon clipping & there wasn't much that interested us at all. I guess that's mostly a good thing, since it means we've stockpiled most things that we can & will be spending even less. I'm bummed that we only got one coupon insert (that wasn't store-specific) in the paper.
Amber had gymnastics this morning. We decided to continue for the 4-week mini-session & paid for it today. Amber did pretty good today, though she got more restless as the class went along.

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