Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big news!

So, yes, I do have a legitimate excuse as to why I've completely fallen off the bandwagon & let my house become a kid-sty... It's because we have another one on the way! Yay! :D
We're very excited, but I've been very exhausted & having a hard time just keeping up with kiddo & ingesting enough calories to grow a whole 'nother human! ;)
I saw my OB today, so we're all official now. My due date is January 25th. My mom's already requesting I hold it in two more days so I can have the baby on her birthday. :P I told her that's up to the kiddo.
Well, I also had blood work done to check on the pregnancy stuff & my progesterone levels are low, which explains some of the symptoms I've been having that didn't seem to fit with the pregnancy & it has me worried now, since it puts me at a heightened risk of miscarriage. It gives me an extra reason not to push myself too much. My OB has banned me from exercise & intercourse for the time being. She wants me to go in next week for an ultrasound, but we'll be in Philly next week visiting Paul's bro & meeting our new (as of last Nov) nephew along w/the rest of the fam. I missed her call & got all this via voicemail & called the very minute they closed & missed them! Argh! So, I'll have to call tomorrow & see what she wants me to do. She called in an Rx for me, so hopefully with that all will right itself and be fine.
A tiny part of me has secretly been paranoid about this pregnancy from the start. I'm not sure what it is. I haven't felt all that excited yet. I'm just exhausted & worried about keeping up with my toddler & dreading morning sickness & giving birth again. Now I'm extra worried that I'm going to miscarry. I'd be so heart-broken. I can't imagine what it must be like for those who have.
Spoiler alert: I saw What to Expect when You're Expecting & when the young girl miscarried, I cried for her & any woman who has had to go through that. Especially those who were trying &/or have had multiple miscarriages. My heart goes out to them/you (if applicable).
So, trying to convince myself that all will be well. The exam went very well & dr. said I felt pregnant from her exam. *ahem* I almost got sick this morning & she said morning sickness is a good sign that things are progressing normally. So, here's my brave face. :]


  1. If it makes you feel better, I wasn't as excited about my 2nd pregnancy as I was my first, especially early on. I think you get more stressed because the 2nd time around you really do know what you've just gotten yourself into....the 1st pregnancy you are blissfully unaware of reality until it slaps you upside the head!! Once the first trimester was over and the exhaustion/nausea went away though, I actually enjoyed my 2nd pregnancy and birth experience 10x more than my first. It was just making it through those first 3-4 months to get to that point.

  2. Thanks Andi!
    I also got a call from my doula last night & talked a bit more about the low progesterone & feel a bit better about that.