Thursday, May 31, 2012

Too much to do!!

We're leaving Saturday morning to drive out to PA. I have so much to do, packing, cleaning, preparing for our house-sitters & a couple other projects and I have to be careful not to overexert myself w/the pregnancy. I have no idea how much I'll actually accomplish in the next two days! I asked my mom if she could come help, but my sister came home from college to visit, so she stayed to visit. :/
I'm looking forward to our trip, but also worried about everything, too. Trying to potty train, long car rides, pregnancy issues, scheduling, staying in hotels, hoping Amber gets along with her cousins, etc. etc. etc...

Edit: What'd I've gotten done:
Fold & pack most of Amber's clothes for next week
Wash & dry towels & bibs
Pick up main floor (floors anyway, all the tables have stuff on them)
Wash guest bedding (about to go put it in the dryer)
Take meds

Things I need to do:
Make sure house sitters are all set for the week.
Fold & put away towels & bibs
Make guest bed
Wash, dry, fold & pack or put away the rest of Amber's clothes.
Pack my stuff (may require some more laundry)
Finish, wrap & pack gifts & such for family
Finish pillow & get it to Jenny
Pack things to keep us occupied, snacks, toiletries, etc.
A zillion other things I'm forgetting or ignoring at the moment (like the fact that EVERYTHING in the house needs cleaned!)

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