Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I live!

Yes, I'm still around... tried to start a blog post a couple times, but just didn't know where to start... And here I am wandering off after I barely wrote a sentence. I'm feeling better about the pregnancy, especially since I got my sonogram & saw the heart beating & then read that having seen that means I have a 97% chance of not miscarrying. :)
Also, my dr. says morning sickness is a good sign that things are going as they should & I've had such bad morning sickness I had to call back & get a new Rx for a stronger anti-nausea than what they'd given me before. I'm doing better now, except for the fatigue.
I'm so darn exhausted all the time, from a zillion different sources... the pregnancy itself, the progesterone supplement, depression, my Zyrtec usually doesn't make me drowsy, but it can cause drowsiness... plus I have my restrictions of no exercising & such, so I've been less active & that's adding to my fatigue. Gah!
I'm trying to make a point of walking more, but it's bloody hot out, and that doesn't help the fatigue or the morning sickness!
Otherwise, we had a nice trip to PA, been to a couple B-day parties for 4yos, getting a fence installed... Lots of fun. :) Hope you're all doing well!

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