Wednesday, October 31, 2012

21 Days Update 2

Well, I didn't accomplish much of anything towards my Mega Project today & I'm quite certain I won't accomplish the specific goal I laid out for myself. I had planned to take some of the frames I sorted out yesterday & put pics in them & hang them in various places around the house. Well, my mom & daughter are both napping now, so it is definitely NOT hammer time! ;)
The second part of day 2's challenge was to pick a habit to change. Something small & simple like remembering to put your purse down in the same place each day or fold the laundry & put it away as soon as it's done. Well, I was going to at least put away the laundry that was still waiting from the other day, but I haven't yet & it's all in my daughter's room or the guest room where people are sleeping now. :P
I did go to my appointment & get my glucose test, exam & sonogram. I was good & came home & ate my leftovers. I scanned the sono pics in on my hubby's computer, but he just upgraded & I couldn't get them to share with my computer, so if you didn't get to see them on fb, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait until I get them copied over to my computer.
I had a last-minute idea for a costume for myself, so I prepped for that instead of doing my challenge tasks. In hindsight, sure that was quite & didn't require going in Amber's room, so I should have done the other stuff first, but I can't go back in time now. Also, I wasn't counting on my mom needing a nap, too!
I did go & take my sort-of before pictures of the areas I'm working on. I say "sort-of" since I did do a little work on it yesterday, not that that made a huge difference.

So, here are the embarrassing BEFORE pics of the basement hall & furnace room:
This is what you currently see at the foot of the stairs when you walk down. The wire thing is a shelving unit that's folded up. It used to be in Amber's closet, but it's being moved down here & will house the arts & craft supplies. The tiles are on the carpet b/c one of our cats has a problem of thinking this particular area of carpet is a litter box since she first had an accident there ages ago when she had a UTI. We're planning to have the entire hall & the landing re-done in tile sometime soon-ish (though it might not happen until after Christmas.)

As you turn to walk down the hall, you see in the foreground, more stuff on the carpet covering the area our cat has had her "accidents" & the carpet spray we use in vain when she still goes there. *sigh*

The book shelves will probably stay put, but I set aside a couple days to go through the books & see if there are some we can part with. Might need to find a new home for the 3D marble Tic-tac-toe that's on top. The peg board that's in front of the bookshelves is supposed to be hung on the wall in the furnace room to help us organize the tools & stuff in there.

Across from the shelves is our furnace room, which I'm including in this challenge. In fact, I may even see if we can't afford to tile it while we're doing the rest, but we probably will leave it unfinished. The wall that you see in this pic is where I want to hang the peg board. The big wooden shelving unit to the left is where a bunch of our tools are & there are painting supplies & cat food/dishes on the floor.

Not pictured, & not part of my challenge, is the view straight in to the furnace room where you'd see the furnace itself, behind that is the water heater & in the rest of the floor space are two litter boxes & cat food/water dishes. This is the view to the right with some of our carpet remnants, more paint & a few boxes of stuff I need to deal with eventually. Most of them are full of my old model trains.

Once past the furnace room, you can see the "hall" really does open up to the size of a room. The whole layout of the basement is a little weird, I guess, but it works for us. As you can see, some of the kid art things are already down here: the dry erase table w/stools & my old easel. There are just lots of other things that need dealt with!

Here's the view from the other end of the room. Next to the vacuum you can see the box of incomplete frames I sorted out from the rest yesterday. Also, in this pic is one of our two cats, it's her sister who's been having the "accidents" ever since her UTI. This one has her own health issues, but we finally seem to have those pretty well under control. (Hers is a chronic condition, but we know how to treat it now, so it's much better!)

This green bin is full of picture frames! It & some of the frames pictured here were in the hall & they're currently in the office waiting for me to hang the ones that are ready up & find a home for the bin (& get the ones that are NOT ready...ready!)

Another picture that was hanging out in the hall prior to my sorting yesterday. I might actually have hung it up yesterday if I could get to the part of the wall we want to hang it on! It's still in its protective plastic from Michael's from when we first had it framed about 3 years ago! *sigh*

So, that's where I'm at. Amber is awake... & didn't take nearly long enough of a nap in my opinion! Wish us luck.


  1. Sounds like we have a similar project in mind. I am not pregnant, so I should not need naps like you will. LOL. (I have 3 babies, you can read about them on my blog. So I have been there and know what you are going through.)

    Just wanted to give you some encouragement. You can do this!!!!

    1. Thanks! Looks like we do have a similar big goal. After I complete the hall/kids' craft room I plan to tackle a fun project & then MY craft room, which is far scarier than what's pictured here!
      Good luck to you too!