Friday, November 2, 2012

21 Days (Non-)Update 3

I haven't read the challenge for day 3 yet, so I'm now officially behind instead of ahead. *sigh*
I'm not that discouraged, actually, because I've been fairly productive & busy in other things.
I did get Amber's laundry put away, but not my hang-dry stuff. I had some more shopping that needed done last night & I was losing patience with kiddo, so I went out & did that. My dear sweet hubby took some of the ingredients I got & made apple crisp that I was able to take in for one of the snacks at my moms' group this morning.
As you may have guessed, I spent my morning at moms' group. The ladies enjoyed the apple crisp & I enjoyed being able to help out with our discussion topic for today. We had a guest speaker from a local store that sells a variety of bra & swimwear sizes. The sizes you can't find much of anywhere else around here except online & they offer the only honest/accurate measurements I've found.
Confession time: my girls are big enough that I'm a candidate for reduction surgery. I was seriously considering it, but I dropped down enough after Amber weaned that I decided against it. I must have gone in to be fitted on my skinniest week ever, though, because the bras I got that day didn't fit well for very long. Well, I'm pregnant again, so they're baaack! At least I didn't get rid of my larger sizes when I thought I was going to have the surgery.
Well, this shop is the only place (besides the internet) that I can find my size(s)& I was glad to be able to share with the other ladies that what our speaker was sharing was right on.
Um... I started this a while ago & got distracted. So, uh,... anyway. After moms' group I got the little boy I babysit to nap... a lot. While he was doing that Amber & I got lunch & I sorted through a bunch of coupons I already knew I wasn't going to use, but was trying to share with the moms' group. Now, they're sorted by when they expire so I can recycle the unused ones each week. Also, they won't be so overwhelming for everyone else since I weeded out a ton of ones that had already expired.
I realized at almost the last minute that I hadn't ordered my 101 "free" prints from Shutterfly that expire at midnight, but I had uploaded a bunch earlier, so I was able to pick out 105 (I have some more that don't expire right away) and get them ordered in time.
Paul converted Amber's crib to a big-girl bed tonight. Wish us luck!

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