Tuesday, October 30, 2012

21 Days Update

So, I talked with Paul last night about my decision making difficulty & he helped me decide to go ahead with cleaning up the basement hall & turning it into the kids' craft room.
So, today I've accomplished getting breakfast, checking my usual online things, looking at & assessing the hall & writing up my 21-day plan. I've been distracted by being able to watch the news on Sandy while kiddo's with her grandparents. Thankfully, I've heard from most of the people we know out East & all are doing well thus far. Most didn't even lose power.
So, making this my new day one, I'm going to pick one of my other small projects to do & the first part of working on the basement hall will be sorting through the two boxes of picture frames that are just sitting around gathering dust. I think I'll also take some embarrassing "before" pictures of the space. Here's hoping that the whole process is as easy as I think it'll be & I'll be done in less than 21 days & motivated to move on to the next project!
Now, however, I must get dressed & face the music at the dentist's office. Yikes. Wish me luck! ;)

Edit/Update: I did sort through the picture frames. Decided I'm going to get rid of all the incomplete ones (ones missing glass &/or backing/a means to hang them) but I don't want to just throw them away. I think I'll give them to Goodwill & maybe someone else will be able to make something of them!
My dentist's appointment went better than I'd hoped! My gums haven't gotten any worse with this pregnancy & might even be a bit better AND I had no cavities! :D Yay!
I went & did some grocery shopping & got stuff I forgot last night & a few other things Paul had suggested I get or I found on clearance. ;)
I have about two hours until he gets home from work & date night commences. I should use that time to do my other project/part of the challenge/at least put away the rest of the laundry... but I'm seriously considering a nap. It's rare that I actually feel tired enough during the day to nap & I'm taking that as a sign that maybe I need it.

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