Monday, November 12, 2012

Days 10-12 Pre-Update

If that title makes sense... I have to catch-up and move on to day 12. Last night I did read chapter 10 & got a preview of chapter 11 on this blog. Both deal with finding yourself an accountability partner.
My best friend & I were already trying to be accountability partners for each other, but we're both kinda softies when it comes to that. My hubby generally is, too. I didn't really ask him to be an accountability partner, but I have talked to him about the challenge. I wish I had more of a following on my blog, but I know the way to do that is to reach out & follow other blogs more closely... & if you've read this or know me at all, you know that I struggle with the computer time-sink, so I'm hesitant to add anything more to what I feel obligated to do on the computer! :P
Today I'm babysitting, and lucky that the kiddos are playing nicely at the moment. ;) Sometime within the next hour, little boy will, hopefully, go down for his nap & then I'll get Amber & I lunch & work on getting her packed up for tonight. When little boy wakes up, we'll get him lunch & then his dad'll pick him up around 2, just in time for Amber's nap. Then I can try to get back on track with my challenge.
Today, I plan to do some general cleaning up, keep photographing records & start sorting through the books on one of the bookshelves if I still have time. Since I'm skipping a couple steps & tomorrow was my official day to start on the bookshelves, I'll be back on track.
Tonight I'm planning to go to a babywearing meeting. I didn't have much luck with it when Amber was littler. I got a ring sling & a "free" fabric sling. The ring of the ring sling always dug into my shoulder. I think I'd need one with a smaller ring. I actually like the plain fabric sling, but it doesn't work for a very little baby. I think I might like a mei tei carrier. I'm hoping some of the other participants will let me try out what they have & the presenter can help me maybe get the ring sling more comfortable or, if not, maybe I can find someone who'll be willing to buy it.
My hubby'll be taking Amber to go stay the night with my mom. I have a couple appointments tomorrow, but no kiddo to take care of, so hopefully I can be extra productive! ;)
I'm also hoping for some time to continue working on my jewelry projects & play a little Minecraft. :D

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