Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Days 12 & 13 Updates

Well, I've caught up on the reading & photographed a few more records. Discovered one had a near mint condition poster included with it... the whole set might actually be worth something! Yay!
I didn't really do the tasks I'd assigned myself... which is kind of ironic, since day 12's chapter is all about focus.
I'm bad at this part of it. When I do actually get in a productive or creative mood, my head tends to swirl with all the things I'm suddenly excited to do again! Then I'll jump from project to project & a lot of times this leads to a lot of unfinished projects. Which is what Crystal's encouraging us to avoid.
On the other hand, sometimes I'll get stuck and switching to something else will refresh me & let me come back ready to tackle the original task later. I finished two necklaces, one of which was rather complicated, in two days & started on a pair of earrings. Well, yesterday I finished one of those earrings & I don't think I like how it came out... so they sit there waiting for me to make up my mind.
On the more productive front, I've also stagnated a bit... as you've seen if you've been following my writings here. I want to get the end goal in sight, but I can't really envision it working until we're able to replace the flooring... which probably won't happen until we get Christmas money.
So, I'm not as inspired/motivated by my mega-project.
My Grand goals plan, though... Well, I've played around with the room layouts some more & talked with my hubby some more & we're both excited to make that happen.
So, while kiddo's with Grandma today, I was struggling to decide what to do with my "free" time after my appointments this morning. So, I texted my hubby & asked him what he'd like to see me get done.
He said he'd like to see the grand plan start to come together & he figures the first step is to clear out my giant desk in the office so we can see about getting rid of it.
So, my new task was to work on that. I think I made a good deal of progress today. I went through the bag of random office supplies that was on top of it & all the pens in the drawer & threw away the ones that didn't work & sorted the ones that did. I took all such office supplies & put them in our storage closet.
We(I) also have coin collections, paper money collections & stamp collections (most of the latter two I inherited from my dad) that we'd been trying to keep in the lock-box until we discovered they wouldn't all fit. So, I put all of them in a shoebox and put it in storage for now. Now the lockbox just has important papers & can be locked again! :D
I cleared out all the top drawers of the desk & much of the top surface. What's left are a bunch of random electronics & components(most of which I have no idea what they're for or what to do with them) and the stuff in the big drawers. The one on the left is full of CDs & cassette tapes. That'll be dealt with (at least temporarily) easy enough if we can find a good box about the right size. The other side has some really random stuff. There are a couple of boxes that, at least according to the box outsides, contain the old 5.5in floppy discs (that were actually floppy) and I saw the manual for my photo editing program, titles to the cars (maybe those should be in the lockbox??) and so on... random!
At any rate, I don't feel too bad about deviating from the Mega Project plan because it's all part of the same goal, I was productive & it'll make hubby happy! :D

Oh, I almost forgot, I had my therapy appointment with my psychologist today & was telling her about the challenge & mentioned the accountability partner thing and she raised her hand like "ooh ooh me!" lol. I told her about how my bestie, Andrea, has been my accountability partner since 2nd grade when we'd talk on the phone while cleaning our rooms. It did keep me from hiding in my closet with whatever book I'd found or just sitting down & playing with the toys I'd unearthed, but it did not always keep me on task. Likewise, I have been similarly lenient with my half of the bargain through the years as well. ;)
So, I asked my counselor, "Seriously? Daily check-ins?" [I'm doing well to afford appointments every other week with insurance covering most of it!] and she said I could e-mail her! I've been hesitant to e-mail much to her as I'm not sure what's allowed... what needs to be done in session or whatever... but sure, I'll take all the support I can get!
She suggested I make a new rule for myself that I make this a "success blog" & only post an entry when I've accomplished my daily goals.
Me being me, I'm already exploring the grey areas, such as "well, I didn't stick with my original plan, but I was productive!"
I do think it's fair though if I go back & re-vamp the plan again... just harder to make that part of my half-finished 21 day challenge. I think as long as I find something to focus on & make progress overall, we'll be happy though. ;)

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