Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding Motivation & Direction

This is what I have the hardest time with...
My plan for right now is to get a shower & figure out something productive to do... I'm feeling "inspired" to play with my polymer clay &/or play Minecraft. I shouldn't mess too much w/Minecraft though.. lately it's been giving me motion-sickness & our server-host friend is planning to start a new world soon, so I don't want to invest too much more in this one. We'll see if I even have any time after I shower & figure out something productive to do.
So, do I go back to where I left off with the MoneySavingMom challenge? Pick up where they're at now? Go back to my original grand plan for Project Clean House? or just tackle something that's bugging me & needs done? *sigh* I'll think about it in the shower & let you know.
I'm kinda thinking the dirty kitchen floor is bugging me the most, but I'm so dreading the process of moving the table & chairs & stuff, sweeping & mopping... I've been trying to spot clean & it's just not working. Idk. I also tend to be totally wiped after I do all that & baby Jamie's coming for a little over an hour today & I don't want to totally exhaust myself before that. (See how I talk myself out of these things? Gah!)
This is my pother problem... taking so long to decide & not just getting things done... off to shower!

Showered. Hubby messaged me & requests that I work on de-cluttering the kitchen counters & other surfaces in the main living area & putting things I don't want our daughter messing with, out of her reach. She's not sleeping yet, so I think I'm going to have to go retrieve a "doh" (pacifier) & start some laundry & then work on his request. :)
Why am I shakey? I had a good lunch: leftover steak & mashed potatoes & tuna casserole. Earlier I had some orange & for breakfast I had yogurt & granola, so I'm not all protein & starch today, just for lunch. ;)
I shake a little all the time b/c of a genetic condition I've never gotten diagnosed (but my dad, his bros & other members of his fam clearly have/had the same thing. Dad had it the worst) but it gets worse when I have low blood sugar, emotions are running high or when I'm on certain meds. None of those seems likely right now, but I'm inclined to eat something... I just worry that I've been doing that a lot recently for the same reason & that could be why I'm gaining weight... though the weight gain seems to correspond with going off birth control... I gained 10-15lbs before I got pregnant with Amber... then I lost a lot more than that w/the morning sickness.
Sorry, I'm rambling. She's whining that she "lost [her] doh" so I better go get it... guh. Can't wait 'til she is done with those & diapers!!

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