Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shopping & Saving & exercising!

My feet & legs hurt! I went shopping at Target, Meijer & Walgreens tonight while my hubby watched kiddo.

Target - saved 25.2% & have a $5 gift card, a $3 off grocery purchase coupon & another coupon for $10 off a Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush

Meijer - I did two transactions to use the giftcard from the 1st on the 2nd (& No, I wasn't *that lady,* I bought the diapers & got the giftcard, took them out to my car & then came back to do the rest of the shopping.)So, transaction 1 counted the giftcard towards my savings, so I'll include it in that %age & not the 2nd: transaction 1= 21.1% & transaction 2= 30% & got a $3 off Zyrtec coupon & $1.50 off 7th generation diapers (anyone want this? We're happy w/Pampers.)

Then, at Walgreens, I spent roughly as much there as I did at Meijer & Target combined! [no Rxes!], but saved 39% & got a total of $13 off next purchase coupons & $5 off (I have another of these, not sure of the amount & am not interested in either if any of you are)! :D

Was supposed to get another coupon for $1 off hamburger, chicken or tuna at Meijer though... grr. I need to make myself a list of all the Catalinas before I go so I realize which don't print while I'm there. :/

We have stockpiles built up of most of our laundry needs (could use another refill of pre-treater, but we have plenty for a while), pretty much all of our household cleaning needs, diapers & wipes & most of our showering needs as well as a lot of groceries & food storage/prep stuff. :)

In other (garden) news, we have carrot sprouts! Yay! All our different types of seeds are working despite being bought last year! :D

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