Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wwwwell... OK!

That's my daughter's new favorite thing to say. Her context for it is sometimes a little off, but it's cute. She's begging for something & we finally ask "do you want this?" & she says" Wwwelll... OK!"

In cleaning house news, I haven't done a whole lot lately, but I've been making little bits of progress here & there. Yesterday I washed the toilet & sink in the powder room & the sink & tub/shower in the basement bathroom & had my hubby get a replacement shower curtain since ours was getting kinda nasty & was torn. Still need to trade those out.
Today, I washed some of the dishes by hand. About half of what was out. I left some sippy cups I couldn't get the lids off of & a few little cups & spoons so my daughter can play in the bubbles later & then I left a bunch on the counter b/c my feet were starting to hurt again. I'll work on them some more when she wakes up. That's the plan anyway. ;)

Yesterday was hubby's 31st birthday. He gets to celebrate a few times this year. On Saturday we arranged bowling with some friends. It ended up that I stayed home so Amber could nap & only two other friends showed up and it got pushed back a couple hours, but then we all went to eat at Steak 'n' Shake. Yesterday, baby Jamie's parents took Amber when they got Jamie from me so Paul & I had a nice romantic dinner of Jimmy John's while watching The Whole Nine Yards again. I made up the table with a tablecloth, candles & even a centerpiece & we ate at the couch. :P Ah well, it was still nice. He requested to stay home while I went to retrieve Amber, so Amber & I went to the grocery store on the way home & surprised him with a little cake. :)

I can't remember if I mentioned it already, but our carrots are sprouting & when it rains, our strawberry plants continue to perk up & look a lot better, so everything in our garden seems to be coming along nicely! :D


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubs. He will forever be known to me as a man who makes amazing cookies!

    1. He says thanks! :) Hmm... he hasn't made cookies in a while... he's making some nummy chicken (w/helper) for dinner right now. ^_^