Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Progress as of Tuesday

The contents of my purse:

If you missed it before, I found just over $11 just in change in my purse (if you count the bicentennial quarter at face value)... so that plus the sheer amount of paperstuffs (receipts & such) and old candy, pills & cough drops I got out of there lightened things up significantly! :D

In other news... I went yesterday & picked out new glasses. :) Here I am trying them on, if my eyes look a little unfocused, it's because they're a LOT unfocused! I can't focus past my elbows without my Rx.

My daughter stayed the night last night with my mom. I've got a lot on my to-do list today & of course... now I've come down with a cold. I'm pretty miserable. I took some Dayquil, so here's hoping I can keep up with it all!

[Edit: I made it to my morning appt, but felt pretty miserable. I canceled my afternoon appointment & have been resting. I feel a bit better, I might attempt to get some soup for lunch once I finish this cough drop.]

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