Friday, April 6, 2012


I didn't get to the fridge, but I showered, cleaned out the left half of the sink & the garbage disposal & under the sink.

Part-way through the process... this isn't even everything that was under there AND this was after I'd already cleaned up the crud in there.
Yes, for some reason, there was a squished gift bow... & a sprinkler... & that bottle of Febreeze in front of the cat? I think it's 4 or 5 years old... I had no idea it was in there & it was growing mold! EW!

Here's the rest of what was in there. Basically, whatever you can't see in the crate is full of spray paints!

Some of the extra cleaning supplies went upstairs to the laundry room & a few things that were out on the counters are now under the sink, like the extra boxes of garbage bags & the surplus bottles of dish soap.

As far as my goal of getting rid of 7 things: I'm giving the bottle of Jet-Dry we can't use to my sister- & brother-in-law, I got rid of that bottle of Febreeze & there was a glass in there with tweezers, 2 thermometers & a bulb sucker thingy which are all going in the garage sale/Goodwill bin.

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